General Use conditions


This document contains the General Use Conditions of the website corresponding to the domain name owned by Greco S.r.l. located in Via F. Di Palma 61 – Taranto (hereafter, "Conditions" ed il "Website", respectively) to be followed by anyone navigating on the webpages of the same.

The access to the Website and any other actions implying the navigation on its webpages have to be considered as acceptance of the General Conditions of the same; to this purpose, in order to let the website users take cognizance of the above conditions, a link referring to this document will appear when entering the homepage

Should the user not accept the General Conditions, he can just abstain from navigating the website.

In addition to what stated below, whoever accedes to the Website implicitly declares he is of age and will not use the website as well as its contents for illegal purposes or aims against the regulations in force.

By Greco S.r.l' can modify the General Conditions cat any time without being obliged to give notice to users who however have to read them periodically before accessing to the website's contents.

If the website should offer items and service or present contents subject to special terms and conditions, the latter shall prevail over the Conditions of this document.

Website's contents

By Greco S.r.l's aim is to offer, through its own website, general information about its own activity; even though such information is constantly verified and updated by qualified and purposely selected staff, it is clear that according to the relevant subject its contents can be considered as neither exhaustive nor complete nor correct. Therefore, if an user wants to rely on the information reported on the website, he needs to carry out an autonomous additional verification about the exactness of the same. To this purpose, Greco S.r.l. informs that the website's contents have to be considered as "on as is basis", i.e. they could not be adequate and/or suitable for the special aims and interests pursued by the person accessing the website; they could also contain elements that, if reused, could lead to third parties' copyright infringement.

In the Website there can be some links to third parties' websites. In such cases, the hypertextual links have the sole function to facilitate the user's navigation even if there is no relation between the Website's contents and those of the added third parties' site, which remains outside Greco S.r.l. sphere of action. Besides, Greco S.r.l. informs that it can neither affect the third parties' websites linked to its own nor account for the veracity, exactness and suitability of the materials/information contained in the latter, even if there exist commercial relations between Greco S.r.l. and the third parties' website to which it is linked.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

All website's contents are protected by the copyright as well the intellectual and industrial rights regulations in force. Including but not limited to, Website's contents are among other things:

  • texts;
  • pictures;
  • films;
  • data banks;
  • graphs and tables;
  • slogans;
  • audio-reproductions;
  • drawings, both animated and not;
  • any graphic and/or general text representation.

Therefore it is not possible to both wholly and partially copy/reproduce the website's contents without the express written consent by 'Greco S.r.l.'

At the same time, we point out that all brands, domain names, company names, companies and advertisement signs reported on the website are owned either by third companies or by 'Greco S.r.l.' and therefore protected by the distinguishing marks regulations in force. It is therefore strictly forbidden to reproduce them in any forms or modalities without the express written consent by 'Greco S.r.l.' or, in case of different owners, of the relevant rights holders. It is also forbidden to register the company name "By Greco Store" to any top level domain.

Furthermore, we inform that inside the website there could be brands, domain names, company names, companies and advertisement signs owned by third parties co-operating with 'Greco S.r.l.' at different levels which benefit from the same protection given to Greco S.r.l.'s distinguishing marks by the relevant regulations in force.

Finally, Greco S.r.l. informs that it is strictly forbidden to use any distinguishing marks owned by 'Greco S.r.l.' as metatags, i.e. as html language controls which, even though they do not imply the display or formatting of a certain control, supply instructions to electronic agents or search engines to increase the availability of websites different from those linked to Greco S.r.l.

Service characteristics

Even though it adopts all the most innovative and forefront technological solutions to make sure that the website is constantly accessible and devoid of any defects, Greco S.r.l. informs that the same Website could be neither available and/or compatible with the information systems used to access it nor free from errors, viruses and/or further data processing malfunctions.

As a consequence, whoever accesses the Website recognizes and expressly accepts that its use must therefore be considered as "on as available basis".

Website's use modalities

In addition to what stated above in paragraph 3, Greco S.r.l. informs that the Website's contents cannot be, either wholly or partially, copied, reproduced, republished, loaded, transcribed, transmitted or distributed in any modalities or forms, withour the express written consent by 'Greco S.r.l., except for press activities, downloads and display of part of the Website's contents for personal (and not commercial) purposes only, provided that the relevant materials are not modified and all information about the intellectual and/or industrial rights are kept as they are.

At the same time, the Website's contents cannot be, either wholly or partially, distributed through communication channels such as the Internet, TV and radio as well as any other kinds of systems without the express written consent of Greco S.r.l.

Furthermore, all the information and material contained in the Website cannot be used for commercial purpose in order to make up any types or kinds of data banks, nor can the they be stored (wholly or partly) in pre-existing data banks which can both be accessible by the maker only and available to third parties.

Linking and Framing

Greco S.r.l. informs that in order to create a link with its own homepage which currently is reachable at: ("Home Page"), it is necessary to send a request by e-mail to:, where the following data shall be reported: (a) all data concerning the person in charge of the link technical management (including his/her e-mail address and phone number); (b) all data concerning the requesting company; (c) the indication of the website where the link with the Homepage shall be created; (d) any further information considered as useful in order to get the express consent of Greco S.r.l.

In case of express consent of Greco S.r.l., the creation of a link to the website implies a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence concerning the use of the company name "By Greco Store" at the sole and exclusive purpose to create an hypertextual link to the website owned by the third party at:, with the express exclusion of any other use. In any case, Greco S.r.l. admits only the possibility of creating a link with its own Homepage and not with the internal website's pages.

Without the express written consent of Greco S.r.l., it is not allowed to create links with the Website's Homepage or with its internal and/or accessory pages by creating the so-called "deep link"; it is furthermore not allowed to hook or show the Website's contents in another Website, that is the so-called "framing".

To this purpose, we inform that the infringement of what is provided for in the above paragraph configurates a crime punishable by the law as unfair competition, which is regulated by the relevant law in force.

Materials sent to Greco S.r.l.

Without prejudice to what is provided for in the below mentioned article 11, any materials sent either by e-mail o by the Website to Greco S.r.l. shall imply the implicit consent to the free reproduction, use, publication, display, transformation of the same materials in order to unlimitedly duplicate and distribute them to third parties. Likewise, without prejudice to the respect to be paid to the copyright, all texts, ideas, concepts, know-how and/or technical expertise that may be contained in the materials in question can be freely used and economically exploited by 'Greco S.r.l.' for any purposes, including but not limited to the development, the production and marketing of products using and/or related to such materials. By sending such materials to Greco S.r.l. the user declares and guarantees he is the exclusive owner of the same or, however, he has obtained the right to freely use such materials thus totally excluding the risk that its use can lead to the infringement of any rights belonging to third parties. Considering the "open" nature of the Internet, Greco S.r.l. expressly warns not to transmit materials by telecommunication channels, unless the user is sure they are freely usable by third parties.

Applicable law

The General Conditions shall be considered as regulated by the Italian Law and consequently have to be interpreted according to application of such regulations.

Access to the Website from abroad

Whoever accedes the Website from a country which is not Italy is obliged to comply with the General Conditions and the regulations in force in the Italian country; he shall also expressly guarantee he will not use the Website and its contents in a way that can provoke an infringement of the above mentioned regulations.

Modifications or integrations to the Website

Greco S.r.l. informs that it can replace, add, modify and/or integrate the Website and/or its contents as well as the employed technology at any time autonomously and to its won discretion. To this purpose, Greco S.r.l. informs that such activities coud imply the temporary or final impossibility t access the Website and/or its own contents.

Information privacy

According to art. 13, Leg. Decree 196/2003 concerning the provisions regulating the information privacy, Greco S.r.l., as "Performer" of the data protection, informs the user that the personal data supplied by the latter and contextually acquired (i) during the registration to the Website, (ii) at the end of a contract drawn up with Greco S.r.l. concerning the purchase of products, (iii) when requesting information concerning the products and service offered by the same company, (iv) when navigating the Website by the so-called system "log", shall be used by 'Greco S.r.l.' for the following purposes:

  • carrying out those activities necessary to the conclusion, management and execution of contracts concerning the purchase of products on the website;
  • for purposes strictly related and/or necessary to the fulfillment of the requests from time to time presented by the user on the Website or by e-mail or by any other communication means;
  • for purposes related to the obligations provided for by laws, regulations and by EU provision as well as provisions ordered by legitimate authorities or Supervisory boards;
  • sending newslettes and advertising materials concerning the service offered by 'Greco S.r.l.'

According to the purposes reported above, the processing of personal data is carried out by means of manual, information and telecommunications instruments having a logic strictly concerning the purposes in question and, however, able to guarantee the safety and the privacy of the data. Besides, if necessary to the fulfillment of the user's requests, the latter's data can be communicated to companies different from Greco S.r.l.

All data shall be stored inside EU, on a server owned by 'Greco S.r.l.'

With reference to the above mentioned purposes, Greco S.r.l. informs that the transmission of data is compulsory as to the purposes indicated in 1), 2) and 3); consequently, in such cases, in case of data transmission refusal, Greco S.r.l. will not be able to satisfy the users' requests.

In consideration of what stated above, with reference to the data processing as per paragrapgh 4), Greco S.r.l. will ask from time to time the user to give his own consent to such processing by means of suitable forms on the Website.

Finally, Greco S.r.l. informs that art. 7, Leg. Decree. 196/2003 grants special rights to the users providing their own personal data. In particular, users can get the confirmation of the existence of their own data from the owner or the relevant person in charge; users have also the right to have such data at their own disposal in a comprehensible way. The interested parties can also request the origins of the data as well as the logic and purposes regulating the processing; they can also ask for the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous or the stoppage of the processed data in case of law infringement as well as the updating, the modification or, if desired, the integration of the data; finally, they can reject the same processing due to legitimate reasons.

The user can exercise his own rights according to art. 7, Leg. Decree. 196/2003, by sending an e-mail message to the following address:

In order to be informed about amendments or modifications to the policies concerning information privacy carried out by 'Greco S.r.l.' due especially to regulations modifications, it is necessary that users constantly refer to this document.